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Getting in and around: You can catch a flight from Hanoi or Chi Minh City and will reach Hue in less than 1 hour flight. You can opt for Vietnam Airlines but Jetstar Vietnam also offers a flight to get you to Hue....

 Getting in and around: You can catch a flight from Hanoi or Chi Minh City and will reach Hue in less than 1 hour flight. You can opt for Vietnam Airlines but Jetstar Vietnam also offers a flight to get you to Hue. 

Public buses from Hanoi will also take you to Hue fairly cheaply; you may also want to consider one of the open tour buses through the city. Some other open tour buses that include Hue as an itinerary also connect to Da Nang and Hoi An.

 Being an express stop between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there is an option to use the train as a mode of transportation to get to Hue. There is a variety of trains available coming with varying rates; the rates usually depend upon the speed of the train. 
Once in there you can get around using motorbike taxis and cyclos. You will find several drivers urging you to pick them for your traveling needs and they will ask for different rates depending on how much they think they can make you pay. 

What to see in Hue 
There is a lot to see in this ancient part of the world. You can find pagodas and tombs everywhere in Hue, making it a perfect place to visit and satisfy your appetite for culture. These sites will not only provide you with the right entertainment, but they will also make you think a bit about the culture and traditions of Hue. 
Citadel is probably one of the most popular historic sites to visit in Hue. Though it’s old, you cannot call it “ancient”, mainly because its construction started in 1805 during the times of the first Nguyen Dynasty ruler. 
Tuc Duc tumb is an interesting visit for those who are interested in checking the grandeur of a tomb. Ming Mang is also a popular choice, but you will be better off paying a visit to Tuc Duc, as it’s much better as compared to its rival. 
Khai Dinh tumb is also there and designed in relatively different way; it’s smaller, so easier to visit. This tomb is also in a much better shape compared to the others.
Thien Mu Pagoda is one of the oldest places of worship in Hue and is a fine specimen of religious architecture. Visit the Pagoda on a Hue City Tour
 that includes a boat cruise along the splendidly named Perfume River. 

What to do in Hue 
With a wide array of opportunities available, you’ll never run short of interesting things to do in Hue. 
Elephant Springs should always be a stop for those who come to this part of the world to see natural beauty. About 53km from Hue, it’s an amazing natural spring that is sure to impress you in a big way. On hot days, visitors love to take a dip in the natural pool below a small waterfall. For those looking for privacy it’s advisable to visit this place on weekdays. You’ll definitely enjoy the solitude, but do keep in mind that you’ll have no food, as the food stalls are open only on peak days. 
Thuan An Beach is a great idea if you don’t mind traveling 30km from Hue to get to this beach. This lovely patch of sand on the China Sea is ideal for relaxing or some family fun. Though you won’t get the best services along the beach, you will still be able to get an umbrella and chairs to relax and enjoy the sea, sand and view. 

Where to Eat: 
Considering the heavy influx of holidaymakers this city receives, there’s plenty of places to dine, in and out. Something that will impress you the most is a startling mix of authentic Vietnamese and western dishes. 
Nightlife in Hue will also provide you with a variety of entertainment opportunities. Though the tranquility remains unruffled during the late hours, you can still find a few bars willing to pay host to the late sleepers. In addition, you can find a few nice garden or travelers’ cafes. 
The combination of tranquility and historic sites makes Hue an impressive holiday destination. It’s perfect for those who want to spend some time enjoying natural beauty along with getting an insight of culture and tradition in this beautiful Vietnamese city. 

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